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One of the most popular sports in Europe and South America, is making its mark in the United States, and Texas’ Junior athletes are proponents of its growth. Handball USA is an exhilarating, fast paced sport! It is played in over 180 countries worldwide! More than 19 million people, of all ages, play the dynamic sport. Handball San Antonio is a wonderful cross over sport for all athletes, especially those looking to challenge themselves and develop their cardio, footwork, hand eye coordination and strength.

Handball San Antonio is excited to expand the game to new people. On April 1, 2016, America celebrated our USA Men’s National Beach Handball Team’s Gold Medal win in the Pan American Championships, clinching a spot in the World Games this July 2016, in Budapest, Hungary.

The reason why the sport is catching on in America is because it has the essence of soccer, basketball, football, track, volleyball and softball. Handball San Antonio will become a staple in the American sport culture.

Americans have the advantage over many other countries because of the exposure to all the main sports we’ve had the opportunity to play and spectate. Handball San Antonio believes that all athletes are handball players. That is why we are spearheading leagues and teams to join.

This Is Handball USA makes the sport unique with our approach to teaching young athletes how to play handball by engaging them in healthy fitness activities. By doing so, we establish basic technical and tactical competencies, breaking down the game in a fun, constructive environment.

Beach Handball San Antonio is more than a miniature version of the Indoor game. It is a true sport, with its own philosophy and a great gateway for all Junior athletes to become physically active, practice teamwork, make friends, acquire multi-level transferable skills, and have tons of fun!

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